Friday, September 9, 2011

Two Weeks to Go

Had an intense music rehearsal last night, where the MD reassigned harmoinies for "Mr. Goldstone" and "If Mama Was Married," then worked each section of the other songs in minute detail. He loves my voice and is very upfront about it, and he is always pushing me to maximize my few vocal licks. It is quite rewarding--my Herbie sings really well.

We start rehearsals at the theater on Monday after a two-day break--the last break before we open. Many things are happening, but my costume isn't one of them. I am assured I'll have one, though, and I told the costumer and the Artistic Director that I am not one of those actors who makes a big deal about costumes--it's my job to wear whatever they give me and I know I'm hard to fit, so I don't give grief to the costume people.

I feel that Herbie is coming into focus. I have an excellent rapport with Rose, and our scenes have real heart to them. I think people will care about our relationship enough that when he leaves her, it will have impact. I just love doing the part--"Together Wherever We Go" is turning out to be "Friendship" all over again, and a true joyous highlight; "You'll Never Get Away From Me" is so adult and romantic and even sensual; and I am fine tuning the difference between the horror of Herbie's reaction to "Everything's Coming Up Roses" and his crushing defeat when Rose decides to let Louise strip. Stillness is interesting!

I like our cast and am looking forward to the next five weeks of good times at the Fox Theater!

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