Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Almost There!

I don't mean to whine or cast aspersions on anyone, but some folks are in over their heads around here and it seems like they are working so hard but may never get it right.

Director is giving us great acting notes, but she is so often having to attend to concerns created by basic crew inabilities that I know she is very frustrated.

Backstage noise is driving me crazy, on my own behalf and that of Rose and Louise. We have some intense and quiet scenes, and crew and cast are not being quiet!

Costumer is so good-natured, but doing everything alone! WTF?

Sound guy so good about readjusting my mic for me, but isn't it possible to just do it once so it stays put?

Tonight we get an orchestra. Strip has never gone from start to finish without stopping, and it may not tonight, either, but it looks great. Can't tell what the problem is but am afraid that it is too complicated for our novice SM to call.

The moment I walked onto the Fox stage, Herbie got Jewish. Yesterday I got the note to pull him back. I agree. I'm trying not to regionalize him too much--he is assimilated and a traveling salesman to boot, but I want that hint of cultural origin that I hear in Laurents' lines to come through.

I have to resist the urge to fill the space. My gestures are too big, and even though I need to sing to the balcony, Herbie trends inward more than out, so I need to check myself often.

The backstage area and dressing rooms can be damnably hot! Open windows invite onlookers, including a homeless woman who entered the building, tattered wigbox and lipstick in-hand, to let us know she was our makeup lady and was late. And last night the fire alarm went off in Act Two and could not be reprogrammed for love or money. Even though it could not be heard onstage or in the house, it was a royal pain!!

Preview Thursday. Opening Friday! Wheeee!!!


  1. Fire alarm?! Is Heather the mayor of the Fox?!

  2. ...I just became mayor yesterday.

    Shit. My bad.

    (In other news, why the hell doesn't Blogger let you reply to an individual comment instead of the entry as a whole? POOR FORM, BLOGGER.)

  3. Ha! That's hilarious.

    Wishing you all UNEVENTFUL dress rehearsal, preview, and run.