Saturday, September 3, 2011

Acting is hard...

Yeah, I know. David Cates says that every time he talks to me about a role I'm doing, it sounds like I am doing nothing but complaining. Some background...

David and Kateri breezed into town yesterday and we had a late night get-together; they, MikeRhone (TM), and myself. I love this foursome! David & Kateri have this great new life in Denver (check out their blog: He Said/She Said Critiques for a look at the Denver theatre scene as well as an example of what a good review blog can be), but we did two wonderful shows together before they left (one with Mike), and Mike and I are joined at the hip, theatrically, and we sit and gab about theatre for hours until David gets bored/tired and then we go home. Mike and I one-up each other with trivia, David stirs the pot and challenges what I say, and Kateri listens and offers brilliant insight like the good behavioral scientist she is. Three of my favorite interpersonal dynamics at one table. It is the best!!

"How's Herbie?" Kateri asks, right off.

"Yeah," chimes Mike, "you haven't been updating your blog!"

Blogger made a big deal out of the ability to post to this blog via text message. I was sure it would make things easier and sent several texts that vanished into the ether. Here they are. They served as the basis for my comments last night to K, D, & M:

1) Had the dance section of "You'll Never Get Away From Me" fixed by our choreographer. We sort of made it up knowing she'd come in and redo it (not my favorite method--dance is hard for me to learn, so why learn something twice?!) Now to practice it (and "Together Wherever We Go") a thousand times.

2) Between directorial advice and my own instincts, Herbie seems to benefit from taking everything he feels and stuffing it so deep inside it can't get out. This is where his ulcer comes from. Basically, if I do that, "trust stillness," keep my gestures toward my body, and focus on Rose so much that I forget about opening up to the audience, I seem to be doing what is asked of me.
3) The organization of this particular show at this particular theatre company is not pleasing to me. Actors are called and not used for long periods of time; actors get released before they are supposed to be and have to be called back; the schedule keeps changing (today's schedule changed four times yesterday!!), and our poor, novice SM seems to be in over her head.

So, yeah, even though I know I am finding my path and will make tremendous strides during the week before we open, I find that rehearsals are hard. If you were to ask me right now which I prefer, acting or directing, acting would win, hands down!

So David thinks I sound a little whiny. He laughingly retorts when I say "acting is hard" with "for some, I guess," but for me, it is.

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